Tight Wadd is a rock band from Sandusky Ohio that performs 80's metal, classic rock, and some new stuff too! Welcome to the Tight Wadd web page! Thanks for stopping by. Here you can find out info about where the band will be performing next, pictures, and other miscellaneous stuff. 



2014 marks our 25th year as a band! Thanks for all your support over the years!


Next Gig:

Here is what's left in 2014:

Oct 18: Pump 9-1
Nov 26: Pump 9-1 Thanksgiving Eve
Dec 20: Pump 9-1

See you in 2015...


What's New?

Carol Miller 2013 Fan of the Year Award 

It's time for the annual "Tight Wadd Fan of the Year Award". We have changed the name to the "Carol Miller Fan of the Year Award", in rememberance of our good friend Carol Miller who passed away last year. The award goes to the person who, like Carol, supports the band and comes out to see us whenever they can.

This year the award goes to Tony Nimrichter, aka Metal Tony! Tony can be seen out in the crowd at the Pump and Cabanas when we play there. Tony also will post a Facebook message to alert others where we'll be. Thanks Tony! Keep on rockin!

                                                                                                                              Metal Tony

Past Winners:
2012 Mike and Kristen Miller                             2000 Bud Sherwood
2011 Carol Miller                                               1999 Old Buddy Cate
2010 Carol Miller                                               1998 n/a
2009 Tricia Patten                                             1997 n/a
2008 Shamburgler                                             1996 n/a
2007 Shamburgler                                             1995 n/a
2006 Shamburgler                                             1994 n/a
2005 Shamburgler                                             1993 n/a
2004 Shamburgler                                             1992 Cooter
2003 Shamburgler                                             1991 Kenny Canfield
2002 Shamburgler                                             1990 Freddy
2001 Shamburgler                                             1989 Tricia Crawford



Thank you for supporting the band. Please continue to come out to any of the fine local establishments we perform at and see us. The more people that come out to see us, the better chance we'll get asked back to play again! Thanks to our families who let us pretend we're rock stars a couple of times a month, and thanks for letting us sleep in on Sunday mornings. Thanks for visiting our webpage, come back again soon! Peace!

"We like to play."



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